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Up your home cooking with these 5 online classes!

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Are you looking for restaurant-quality food without having to leave your home? Do you want to learn a new skill or hobby? Take online cooking classes to learn how to cook delicious, professional-quality food in the comfort of your home!

These 5 online classes are a great way to skyrocket your home cooking skills. With any of these virtual cooking classes, you’ll learn how to create incredible meals in your own kitchen!

1. Virtual Cooking Classes with The Chef Upstairs

While The Chef Upstairs has multiple online cooking classes, one of their most popular is their Mexican Cantina Party. For $49.50 CAD, you get a three-hour cooking class, complete with downloadable instructions and necessary ingredients. The class is held via Zoom and you’ll be taught how to make three different food items!

2. Eataly’s Cooking Classes

Eataly is an Italian-style company that focuses on introducing authentic Italian cuisine to their customers. They have multiple virtual cooking classes, including a hands-on pasta making class, a pizza class, and cooking classes that pair with wine tastings. The price includes the necessary supplies needed to follow the course from home, as well as the option for wine to be included. Even better – your supplies can be delivered straight to your home in Toronto for a small fee. No need to go to the grocery store! Classes range from $65.00 CAD to $585.00 CAD. 

3. Cookery’s The Art of Cooking Online Classes

Cookery is unique in offering cooking classes for all ages, and a variety of themed classes from different cultures. They welcome all ages and skill levels to their online classes! All classes cost $49.00 CAD. Kids classes include age ranges 8-12, teen classes range from ages 13-17, and adult is 18+. Classes come with an ingredient and equipment list and are hosted live on Zoom. 

4. Aphrodite Cooks’ Cooking Workshops

Aphrodite Cooks workshops are held virtually via Zoom, and each provides a different, wholesome cooking experience. Cooking classes range from a Chinese New Years theme to a Valentine’s Day Class to a “Taste of Quebec” class. Classes are typically $50.00 CAD, with the option for the company to purchase and deliver the ingredients required for the class, as well. Most classes last for two hours. 

5. Cooking with Chef Romain Avril

Chef Romain Avril is a Toronto-based chef who has cooked in some of the finest Canadian restaurants. His virtual classes teach everything from cooking basics to the art of cooking. Classes are slightly more expensive, ranging from $175/hour CAD to $1250/2 hours CAD, but are more than worth the price to be taught by a renowned chef!

Try Your Hand at Cooking Classes Today!

Cooking classes are a great way to bond with friends and family, and learn how to up your cooking skills in the process. Try your hand at one of these Toronto local cooking classes listed above, or branch out and look for another online class. Either way, you can bring restaurant-quality cooking into your home without ever having to leave your house!