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How to level up your bartending skills with 3 cocktail kits you can get delivered

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It’s no secret! People are drinking more during the pandemic. But since few of us have ever worked as bartenders, the drink selection at home can get a little monotonous.

Have you tried mixing things up at home but found the results to be…well, meh? Maybe you still have that almost full bottle of crème to cacao after your last attempt at cocktails.

And who wants to wait for curbside pickup at three different stores to get the ingredients for one recipe?

Thankfully, Ontario is now allowing alcohol for local pickup and home delivery and many restaurants have begun offering a selection of drinks with your dinner order. If you’re looking for more than a round of drinks with dinner and want to step up your bartending-at-home skills, then cocktail kits are the solution.

There’s already a handful of kits available for home delivery, and the ones that made this list won’t disappoint. With high-quality ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, you won’t get bored of the same drinks or have bottles of unwanted ingredients left over.

Salty Paloma

Known for their handcrafted cocktail rimmers and in-person (now virtual) cocktail classes, Salty Paloma, knows their way around good drinks.

They’ve taken that knowledge and curated a selection of kits that contain everything you need to make and enjoy premium cocktails at home. The kits include top-shelf spirits, handcraft mixes and garnishes, plus three different recipes to keep things interesting.

Local GTA delivery is available on Tuesdays and Fridays for $15, and they can ship anywhere in Canada for $25.

Project Gigglewater

This popular Dundas Street West bar has got you covered during lockdown, with four tasty cocktail kits available whether you prefer vodka, tequila, gin, or rum.

If you’re not in the mood for mixing your own, they have premixed cocktails delivered in 16 oz (6 serving) bottles.

Cocktails can be picked up by appointment, or order by 10 a.m. for same-day delivery inside their delivery zone. You can pay with e-transfer once the order is confirmed.

Grey Tiger

The Grey Tiger online shop has everything you need to keep your drink cart well-stocked. If you’re looking for an easy night of delicious cocktails, order from a large selection of drinks available in two and four serving options.

Looking to up your mixology skills? Check out Grey Tiger’s virtual cocktail workshops to explore a wide variety of cocktails.