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Don’t call 911! Everything you need to know about the stay-at-home order

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On January 12th, Premier Ford declared a start of emergency and issued a stay-at-home order beginning on January 14th and lasting until at least February 11th.

The order asks everyone to stay indoors and leave their homes only for essential trips but has left it up to individuals to decide for themselves what is deemed essential.

This open to interpretation order has left many confused about what’s allowed and worried about possible fines. So much so that 911 has been flooded with calls from people looking for answers.

The stay-at-home order does not give Toronto police the power to enter homes, pull over vehicles or even ask pedestrians why they are outside for purposes of checking compliance with the order.

Instead, police will focus on public gatherings and complaints about businesses that fail to comply with closures and customer limits.

There are still some questions around skating rinks, toboggan hills, and other outdoor recreation activities. Most are currently allowed under the new orders, but Mayor John Tory says the city will have to “re-examine” if they remain open to protect public safety.

If you still have questions about what’s allowed or not, don’t call the police. You can check out the full details here.